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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7 things and 23/5

I know I was tagged about a million months ago to do these things and I apologize for it taking so long to fill them out. I'm glad to be done with them, so without further ado, I present to you 7 things and 23/5. Marvel at all the wonderful things you'll learn about me. I'm so happy I never did the 100 things entry because that would probably take me a year to finish.

7 things I plan to do before I die...
1.) Have a family.
2.) Travel to Europe.
3.) Move to another place and start from scratch. My whole family is from the Chicago area. My great-grandparents emigrated from Ireland and Italy, mom's side and dad's side, respectively and they haven't left the area since. So that's 3 generations that have never had a zipcode outside of Chicago. I love Chicago, it's a lovely city, but I'd like to give another city a try. Even if it's only for a short while. I just want to prove to myself that I can do it.
4.) Go back to school. I haven't quite decided what I want to be when I grow up. I've been thinking either medical school or getting a masters in education.

5.) Have a job that I actually love to do (see number 4).
6.) Skydive, at least once.
7.) Celebrate our 67th wedding anniversary. This is based on the fact I think 90 is a good estimate to when I'll live until. If I live until 90 (2068) and we were married in 2001, that makes 67 years married.

7 things I can do...

1.) Procrastinate. I do that really well.
2.) Tie a cherry stem in a knot with just my tongue.
3.) Talk a lot of BS that would make someone believe that I am an expert on the subject. This particular trait drives my husband batty. I get it from my mom, thanks mom.
4.) Forgive. My mom will carry a grudge for you or herself forever. I learned from her that it doesn't pay to walk around angry with people all the time.
5.) Start conversations with strangers.

6.) Memorize songs after hearing them a few times.
7.) Teach teenagers to drive. I taught my sister, both my brothers-in-law, and my husband.

7 things I cannot do...
1.) Be artistic or creative.
2.) Drive slow.

3.) Drive over an already dead animal or hit a live one. I will do everything in my power to avoid it. To date, I've never hit or re-hit anything.
4.) Live without my Husband, cats, or TiVo.
5.) Go back to pre-infertility me. I think that me is forever lost. I'll never say never, but I'm pretty sure that gal is never coming back.
6.) Type using instant messaging short hand. You'll never catch me typing U R L8 or the like...ever!! I am not an English major or anything like that, it just drives me crazy. Even in my text messages to people there are commas and apostrophes. I know, I'm anal.
7.) Finish this list, I'm all tapped out here. It took me 4 weeks to finish it as it was. This is the last thing I have to fill in. I'm quite glad to have it done. The attractions, sayings, and crushes were the first things I filled in because those were the easiest. Whew, can I say how happy I am to be done with this.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex...
1.) Intelligence
2.) Ability to hold a conversation
3.) Someone who makes eye-contact
4.) Someone who has feelings and can express them most of the time
5.) Pretty eyes, also relates to number 3
6.) Big guys (meat-heads need not apply)
7.) Good kisser

7 things that I say most often...
1.) What's up
2.) Hello boys (said in this really annoying voice, I only use this voice to talk to my four cats, they are all boys)
3.) What do you want for dinner
4.) I love you
5.) What're we doing this weekend
6.) Can you believe we're having a baby
7.) I need to find a job (recall from a couple of posts ago, I'm a contractor and looking for a permanent gig)

7 male celebrity crushes...
1.) Andy Garcia
2.) Chris Noth
3.) Younger Robert De Niro
4.) Young Marlon Brando
5.) Younger Al Pacino
6.) Matthew McConaughey
7.) Johnny Depp

7 female celebrity crushes (thanks to Pru, I can come out of the closet on this one)...
1.) Kate Hudson
2.) Kate Winslet
3.) Drew Barrymore
4.) Reese Witherspoon
5.) Catherine Zeta-Jones
6.) Charlize Theron
7.) Halle Berry


On my 23rd post there weren't even 5 lines so I went to my 24th post and the 5th sentence was:

"This really sucks"

This was in reference to my second IUI cycle that was looking eerily like my first and I thought that it too would be cancelled. Well, we all know what happened with my second cycle so I guess I should be eating those words right now, pass the salt please.


  • At 10/11/2005 6:34 PM, Blogger Dramalish said…

    Mmmm... Chris Noth. Oh yeah.

    Hey, glad to see you back in the world of the blogging! We've *missed* you dear PJ. How are THINGS? Got a tummy yet? Finding out the sex of the bebe?

    You are ahead of me... just trying to figure out what to look forward to.


    I say "Can you believe we're..." allll the time.

  • At 10/11/2005 9:57 PM, Anonymous Figlet said…

    Would you still have a crush on Chris Noth if I told you he drinks white wine spritzers? That really turned me off.

    Glad to see you back. Please do not leave your readers hanging for weeks on end. At least not before you have the baby. After, you will have a good excuse. We need to know how you are etc...


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