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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Calling All Lawyers and HR Reps.

I'm still here and everything seems to be going well. Enough about that.

I have a legal/HR question for you, I know you probably hate when your friends ask for legal advice and here I am, an internet friend, asking for legal advice.

As you all know I am rapidly approaching 12 weeks (Sunday) and I've been looking for a permanent job for quite a while (you probably don't know that part, but now you do). I am currently in a contract position that has lasted for about 1 1/2 years. Legally, I know I don't have to disclose this. But I don't think that's a good way to start off a relationship with an employer. I plan on going back to work about 8 weeks after March events happen. My thoughts are to disclose this after I've received an offer letter, but before I sign it. Is there any legal recourse if they rescind the offer after finding out? Do you think it would be better to wait until I'm working and then disclose? What would any of you do?

Thanks in advance for all advice, opinions, comments, and assvice.

PS-Still nervous for tomorrow. Appt. is in the afternoon, I will update as soon as I know anything.


  • At 8/18/2005 11:02 AM, Blogger Suz said…

    I am NOT a lawyer, but as far as I know, a company can rescind an offer letter for any reason, in fact, they don't have to give a reason.

    If you want to be completely safe, I would wait to be working until you tell them.

  • At 8/18/2005 12:36 PM, Anonymous kiwi said…

    Can't help you with the legal thing, I have no clue. I just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow. Enjoy meeting your little one!

  • At 8/18/2005 1:15 PM, Anonymous amanda said…

    I have absolutely no advice about the legal situation, but good luck tomorrow!!!

  • At 8/18/2005 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wouldn't tell them, it has nothing to do with your ability to do the job.

    What comes to mind is that actress from the Bold and the Beautiful that left the Bold and the Beautiful to go to, oh I think it was 90210 or something like that and Aaron Spelling fired her because she was PG. She sued him and won $$$$, millions I think!

    Good Luck tomorrow!

  • At 8/18/2005 4:44 PM, Blogger Mudbug said…

    I am a lawyer, but not in your state, so many grains of salt: Generally speaking, employers are not permitted to discriminate against pregnant women in employment decisions. Of course, exception exception exception, ad infinitum.

    That being said, I think it's always better to ask forgiveness than permission, i.e. possibly apologize for not telling them sooner vs. suing someone over rescinding an offer. My .02.

    Good luck!

  • At 8/20/2005 8:53 AM, Blogger chris said…

    What Mudbug said, nothing almost nothing about employment law.

    Sorry you didn't get any cooperation on the nuchal scan, by the way. Good to hear the little gymnast is doing well.

  • At 8/26/2005 6:29 PM, Blogger Chee Chee said…

    I'm not in Illinois but I'm an attorney and I agree with Mudbug. I also do some HR related work (small office). I would not disclose this information until after you accept the offer and sign the paperwork. Generally speaking, legally, they should not be able to terminate you or resind your offer b/c you are pregnant.

    Good luck.


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