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Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm going to be true to my name...

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here and still sane, at least that I know of :)

Nothing new, nothing exciting. This weekend was pretty uneventful. We were supposed to start our house stuff but, as usual, we bought stuff and didn't do anything with it. Instead we went to dinner and to see Batman Begins. Awesome flick, I highly recommend it if you were a fan of the Batman series at any time.


  • At 6/20/2005 3:11 PM, Anonymous Dooneybug said…

    Oooo...we went and saw BMB as well. I agree, good flick even though I can't stand that whiney, horrible actress Katie Holmes. Was it just me, or did Christian Bale's lips look all weird and stuff during the movie?

  • At 6/20/2005 10:59 PM, Blogger Crazy Me said…

    I wasn't too sure about Batman. My boy wants to go so maybe now we will and he will be a happy camper. Usually, it's the chick flicks for him ... hee hee!!

  • At 6/21/2005 3:52 PM, Blogger Em said…

    My husband and I are going to see it on the weekend. Katie Holmes puts me off though. Ironic that the soon-to-be Mrs Cruise is in a Batman flick just like his former Mrs (Nicole) was.

  • At 6/21/2005 8:29 PM, Blogger MoodSwingCentral said…

    Hi PJ, found your blog through Jamie (Losing the Baby Wait), I saw you're from Chicago, I'm from the far west suburbs. We went through 2 1/2 years of fertility problems so I've heard a lot of assvice as well!

    Anyway, hi and good luck, I'll add you to my list, love your writing!


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