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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

SFU, anyone?

Are there any Six Feet Under fans out there? For those not in the know, SFU is about a family who owns a funeral home, the Fishers. It airs on HBO, used to be Sunday nights, but now has switched to Monday nights. I would highly recommend it. It leans towards dark drama and every episode starts with a death.

So about the show, I swear this actually has a point. Dad dies in the first episode, but makes periodic "appearances" to comment and have conversations with his kids and wife. All the children are grown. Nate, oldest, came back home to run the funeral home after Dad died. Nate was free-spirit and hippy-ish. David, middle, was always around to run the funeral home with Dad and never left home (he's gay), and Claire, youngest, wants to be an artist. She has a need-for-attention complex and always struggles to be very deep and moody, typical artist (no offense). Ruth, the mom, wants everything to be perfect. She's a fairly shy woman by nature, but she's had some good flare-ups on the show.

So moving right along, last night's episode was the first of the season. This is the last season of SFU. I started writing a whole lot about the episode and I just deleted it all because it would be too big of a story to tell because there's so much history. So I will get to the meat and potatoes of why this episode is of any importance here.

There was a wedding (Nate and Brenda), and the bride was pregnant at the time, she wakes the morning before her wedding and has started to miscarry. There were no specifics on how far along she was, but the day before she was doing the whole morning sickness thing. So she is being haunted by guilt over living a not-so-pious life and Nate's dead ex-wife, the mother of his ~2-3 year old daughter, keeps making "appearances" and saying everything Brenda is thinking. Now, I've had a miscarriage and it was awful, I think SFU captured the awful part pretty well. This episode made me totally grateful for not having to deal with a miscarriage the day of my wedding. Small things, people.

So the other Fisher brother, David, is gay and he has a steady guy, Keith. They've been wanting to start a family and have been discussing adoption and surrogacy. David wants adoption because he feels like there are too many kids in the world with no home and why have your own if there are many in need. Keith, on the other hand, would like his own child and while he's not opposed to adoption he really wants his own. So there's talking and a bit of yelling, but in the end, they decide to do both. I'm sure the episode didn't touch nearly the decision making process that adoptive parents and surro parents go through, but at least they touched on it.

So, the reason I wrote about the SFU episode that aired last night was because it was one that hit home for me and probably for some of you. It's just nice to see stuff like that out there. Just like the new show that will be starting on NBC this fall, Inconceivable, even if they get it dead wrong, at least it's out there. I will be watching it, I know many of you won't be, but I will be watching it to see what they are and aren't getting right.

That's it. I hope I haven't offended anyone too badly.

I start ultrasound monitoring Thursday morning, can't wait to start this again. I hope this one works out better than the first.


  • At 6/08/2005 7:16 PM, Blogger WonderMama said…

    I don't get cable, so I haven't seen the show. It sounds great though.

    Good luck on the up-coming cycle!!

  • At 6/08/2005 9:54 PM, Anonymous Dooneybug said…

    Oh, ME, ME!!!! I LOVE SFU!!!!! Addicted I tell you. It was pretty sad to see that. I've been unsucessful in getting pregnant yet so I haven't experienced a miscarriage but it seemed they did portray it realistically.

    Are you doing and IUI or IVF? I just found you through Barren so I'm not familiar with your story. Best of luck on whatever procedure you are doing!!


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