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Friday, November 18, 2005

Work has hit the proverbial fan!

Hi all. You may not be hearing from me much in the next month or so because everything at work has hit the fan. My boss, a lady I didn't like very much and had no respect for, was fired on Monday. One might think that is excellent news and it is, it really is. The bad thing about it is it came on the heels of the only other person in the group's last day, which was Friday. Needless to say, things have been a wee bit hectic around here. Good news is it most likely means a permanent (ie, not contract) position for me. Something I've been looking for for a while.

Had my 24-week checkup on Monday. Everything looks great. My weight is good, my pee is good, baby weighs almost 2 lbs. All is good.

So to keep you occupied I've taken the momma quiz:

Punk Mama
You're a punk rock mommy! DIY is probably your
motto, because you're a punk mama at heart.
Your kids are getting your independent spirit
and guts, and learning to solve problems
themselves. You love it when they show their
independence, even when it's breaking your

What kind of a freaky mother are you?
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