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Monday, December 11, 2006

Two days in a row!!!

I don't want anyone to be spoiled, but yes, I've now posted two days in a row. It's amazing isn't it. I also regret to inform everyone that I need to turn on the word verification, although, it's probably good punishment to get those dummy posts.

Doctor's visit went as expected. I expected her to tell me not to worry about anything and give it time. I think that's the doctor's first recommendation for everything, kinda like the help desk guy telling you to reboot, no matter what the problem is. So, that's what I'll do. Especially since Googling didn't bring any usable results anyway. Today's been good so far no puking; all food has stayed inside.

Since I have nothing substantive to say, I will let Joe do the talking for me. Here are some random shots.

Joe was the Incred1ble Hulk for Halloween. It was a pretty cute costume.

This is a natural mohawk. He takes a nap right after bath time and this was the sight after his bath a couple weeks ago.

Yes, he bathes in the kitchen sink. every. single. day. My husband doesn't mind it because it means that I do the dishes and wash the sink everyday he's home with me.

And this is a typical snorty face. It's really cute, he breathes in and out through his nose while making that face. It's a face only a momma could love.


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